Single mother

Every guy wants a date or at least every lady want to be in a relationship. When people fall in love and start dating, they do not imagine that their beautiful relationship will come to a sudden end for any reason. But the reality is that not every date will end in a blissful marriage.

Some will end in separation and heart break while others will leave some ladies as single mothers. In a male dominated society like Nigeria, being a single mother is not a very good status for a lady that intends to have a relationship.

After giving birth, unmarried ladies do not lose their charm and beauty. They are still attractive and people fall in love with them but most guys will not prefer to date a single mom.

A number of reasons are responsible for this attitude of some guys who think that dating a single mom even though she is young is wrong and not as sweet as dating a lady who is not a single mum.

1. They Think That They May not Really Love Them.

Guys that think this way believe that single moms are liabilities that are easy to get. They fear that they are often desperate to find a lover and so will agree to date just anyone even if they are not in love with them. This can be true in some cases, but that shouldn’t be a yard stick to judge.

2. Fear of Responsibility.

The fear of having to take responsibility for the upbringing of her kid is one factor that scare guys away from single mothers. They prefer to date a single lady who is not a single mum. The truth be told, as a guy who wants to marry a single mum, you will be seen as a step father to the child of your wife. Although this comes with the responsibility of taking care of the child, it is the right thing to do.

3. Cheating.

Guys also suspect that some single mothers are in their situation because they made the wrong choices and were not trusted by their ex partners who probably left them with a child for lack of trust.

But most times, the reverse is the case as these single mothers have seen it all. They wouldn’t want what happened in their previous relationship to repeat itself, as they’ve learnt a lot of lesson from their past experience.

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Originally posted 2020-05-06 11:02:44.

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