Everyone has admitted at one time or another to being in love and there is no better way to describe love than viewing it as a feeling. What cannot be easily said is the exact location where we feel the emotions of love.

Although this will not make the issue of where we feel love go away, it will make us to better appreciate the feeling of love and become better lovers too.

Ladies that have had more than one lover or relationships may not have an idea of where they feel the emotions of love, but they are often quick to point at their chest in the direction of their hearts when they try to describe how they feel about someone.

The heart is an organ of the human body that pumps blood throughout the body. It is seen as the power house of the body because when it stops, a human being is said to be dead.

It is right to say that the heart is the center of the human body, and the very foundation of life might be somewhere there.

Many lovers associate the feeling of love to their heart beat which they believe beats faster when they are in the presence of their lover. That is why when there is a heart break, lovers feel that their very being has been affected.

Unlike African ladies that move on after a few days, ladies in the western world suffer a lot of traumas and depression after a heart break, because they fall in love on a more different basis.

While an African lady can fall in love for some social reasons, in the west love is based on something more pure than just some social expectation, it connects the hearts more.

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But associating love with the heart does not go down well with some people that have argued that emotions and feelings of love take place in the brain, and not in the heart. Since the brain is the center of all consciousness and unconsciousness.

It will appear weird if lovers have to touch or hold their heads each time they want to express feelings for each other. The choice of the heart as the feeling center of love is based on fancy and preference not fact.

Others go a step further to associate love with some transcendent things that goes beyond feelings. These view of love tries to escape the temptation of answering the question of where the feeling of love is felt which has been on for many centuries.

What are your take on this, is love felt in the heart or else were in the body? Do share your thought with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below. You can share this on your social media platform with your friends to hear their views

Originally posted 2020-06-07 07:30:00.

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