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Can You Date a Guy From Your Department?

For ladies in an academic environment, dating is one thing that is very important not because they cannot date or have a good relationship outside the school environment, but because of the pressure from other ladies and guys that are dating.

Lovers move together on campus and in some cases even attend lectures sitting by each other and attracting so much envy and attention by their public show of love.

But the idea of dating someone from your department sounds odd to most ladies for many reasons. These reasons vary from one lady to another but they are united in their rejection of the idea of dating a guy that is from their own department.

Firstly, most ladies consider dating a guy from their department as a major distraction because all eyes will be on them. She will not be able to read alone or with another course mate without her lover being around or raising suspicion.

Ladies that are in relationships sometimes want to have sometime alone especially when they are with their friends or when they feel offended but that will not be possible if the guy they are dating is from their department.

Secondly, the guy that she is dating may not be the hottest guy on campus and she may desire to have another guy attention. It will not be easy to do that if the guy that she is dating is very much around.

Thirdly, it may be difficult to handle a breakup because everyone in the department will be aware of it and may even gossip about it. It may adversely affect her as she may find it difficult to cope especially if the guy dumps her for another lady in the same department.

However, a few ladies who engage in such do it for some material or academic reasons. It happens sometimes when the guy in question happens to be the wealthiest or most brilliant guy in the class. In such situations, ladies actually desire to date them but may not want to have a serious relationship.

They often find a way to breakup after their graduation or may even have a serious relationship with another guy outside the campus.

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Originally posted 2020-05-02 07:00:56.

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