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Some Good Reasons Why You Should Not Reject a Broke Guy.

Whom to date and why to date them is a topical question, it raises issues for ladies because of the importance of being financially stable in relationship and life. Also, it is very much talked about because most ladies are dependent.

On the contrary, guys irrespective of their financial status desire to date any lady that they like irrespective of her financial status. They do not feel good when they are turned down just because they are not up to a ladies financial expectation.

But until we put this in a purely ladies perspective, it will be difficult to understand why most ladies will not accept the idea of dating a broke guy. There are many reasons why money has become an important factor, but the most common of these reasons is the one which holds that ladies are dependent, and that guys should be the head and the financial pillar of a relationship.

Discussed below are some reasons why a few ladies have been dating broke guys and will encourage other ladies to do so.

1. Broke Guys Are Readily Available.

Since what he has to offer is love and not money, he will be very available and keep his lady company. His presence will certainly do what his money cannot. You can have a broke guy around for as long as you want unless he needs to work to support you. He will treat you like a queen.

2. They Understand.

It is very easy to find a broke guy who will forgive his cheating girlfriend because they often understand that it is financial difficulties that drive most ladies into cheating. That is why the fate of such relationship often rests on the lady who is dating the broke guy because he may never dump her.

3. They hardly Cheat.

When a broke guy has truly found love in a lady, he will not be willing to engage in any action that can ruin their relationship, especially cheating. However, some broke guys feel hurt if the lady that they are dating cheats on them.

4. They Plan Well for Family Life.

Most broke guys are aware of their situations and are more likely to make good financial plans for their future, than happenings guys who spend endlessly to impress a lady. Broke guys cannot afford to cheat on you rather, they will plan the family with you.

In conclusion, ladies must be aware that for the fact that a guy is broke at the moment, does not mean he will remain that way forever. as the popular Nigerian saying goes “Tomorrow get belle“. It is better to build wealth with a guy, rather than looking for an already made guy who can dump you for another lady at any time, since you did not contribute to his wealth.

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Originally posted 2020-05-07 08:00:27.

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