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Emotions play a lot of games on humans, that is why at a time, we feel that we are in love with one person, and at another time we feel in love with yet another person even when we are in a serious relationship. The tendency to be in love with another is very high, since one partner may not posses all the qualities that we may desire.

But love sometimes demand commitment from both partners in such a way that, after dating that person, we want to be with each other and no one else. That is why the need to make a distinction between dating and relationship has become expedient.

The two concept is often represented or wrongly used as synonyms, especially when referring to two people in love. People who are having a date can be seen as those who are in a relationship. When two people had a relationship that broke up and they want to be together again, they often start by dating first.

Below are some points that will help distinguish between dating and relationships even though the two concepts are often used as synonyms.

Relationship is taking a step further in dating

Dating help people to get to know their prospective partners better, learn about their lives and who they are in preparation for a relationship. It is during dating that partners are understood to the extent that their likes and dislikes are always considered.

Dating happens every now and then while relationship is not common.

Partners that have opted to have a relationship are one in more than ten dates. Some ladies may just choose to have dates for the fun of it just to fight boredom. While dating, they do not intend to be together but just enjoy each others company for a time.

There is no break up in dating.

Dating happens too frequently that breakups are never recorded. A lady may even have several dates in a week and end up not choosing any guy for a relationship. The guys that she did not choose will not be heart broken rather, they will look for other ladies to date.

There is much fun in dating than in relationships.

When two people start dating, they try to appear their best and share their good qualities with their dates. This makes dating to be a lot of fun unlike relationships where the weakness of both partners become obvious and then, they are both faced with making serious life decisions on marriage.

When people go on a date, they intend to have fun. What happens at the end of the date will determine whether progress will be made towards having a relationship.

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