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Relationships are built on mouth watery promises from guys that all will go well. Even though ladies know that what they really want from relationships are not easy to come-by, they most times fall for the sweet words and promises that guys give them.

Even when the lady tries to explain what she wants to him , he will act like he understand what she is talking about, but still go ahead to do what he wants to do and in the manner that pleases him not her.

Most guys think that if they can provide food shelter and clothing for ladies, then she has no choice but to be happy. That is why when some guys offend the lady that they are dating, they resort to giving her gift items or taking her out to show that they are sorry not knowing that it does not work for every lady.

Guys falsely think that they have mastered the art of loving ladies having had many relationships in the past, they feel that they are experienced enough to handle what a lady wants. Whereas, they should have known that their inability to successfully manage their previous relationships is not a trophy but a shame.

Ladies may appear complex because of the way society paints them, but they each have their unique desires which must be met if the relationship will go well.

While one lady may be satisfied with material gratification and provision of her basic needs, another lady will gain her satisfaction from the companionship and friendship that the guy has to offer.

But most guys get attracted to ladies and start a relationship because of their physical appearances. They end up destroying the ladies emotions and causing unnecessary heart breaks because they do not understand what ladies really want.

So the big question now is What Do Ladies Really Want in a Relationship?

What do you want in a relationship as a lady? As a guy, what do you think ladies want in a relationship? please share your thought with us in the comment section below. Do share this on your social media platform using the share button below.

Originally posted 2020-05-19 06:14:32.

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