Many men find it hard to keep away from other women, and still be in a serious relationship or marriage. Sometimes you wonder, “How do i keep other women away from my man”?

Surprisingly it is the other way round. Instead, you should think of how to keep your man away from other ladies and Make him loyal to you.

Here are things that you must do to have him all to your self;


Communication is the key to getting things done in a relationship. You should be able to tell him that you do not like him being in the company of other women. Let him know that you want to be the only one and be serious about it.


If you think that a man needs great sex and good food in a relationship, then you are right.

That and so much more. He needs a good listener, someone who supports him, someone who talks to him in ways that feel right, someone that understands his state of mind, a friend who is always there for him. You should be able to tell his state of mind. Be happy when he is and comfort him when he is not. Be interested in his plans and ideas, and suggest possible solutions to his problem. Share his happiness and pain.

Note∗ “If you don’t, trust me another will”.


While you tell your partner not to look at other women, you should be ready to fill in the gap of over ten women. Prove to him that you are quite enough for him. Things he fell In love with you for should be improved, not slacking. Many women tend to relax after getting hold of the man and they stop doing those exciting things that got him attracted at the first place. Let’s say after two or three kids, you gain more weight, you stop dressing up or making your hair, you even stop being nice to him. Do not stop being nice. Do not stop looking good. Always keep fit. Finally, seduce him.


Sex and food are like five and six, especially when both are over eighty percent okay. Sex is important in a relationship to both the man and the woman. It keeps the intimacy level high. But most times women in marriages loose interest due to post birth trauma. If you are suffering from this you should see a doctor.

Some women do not just enjoy sex with their partners. Communication here is very important. Tell him what to do. While you are at it, being dynamic is important. Be ready to try or initiate new way to make sex fun for both of you.

Good food is a way to a man’s heart. Excite his taste buds with delicacies. If you can’t cook, I strongly advice that you enroll in a catering school and learn.


Make your man chase you over and over again. You have to stand out from other women. Possess certain qualities that makes him choose you over other women, like being smart, intelligent, accommodating, be beautiful inside and outside and be fun to be with. Make him proud to show you off to everyone.

If he is busy chasing you, he will not have time for other women.


Men love where there is peace. The mean reason why most men run after other women most times is because of the peace they get from such women. If you look good, cook well and good in bed but lack the ability to give peace of mind to your man, then there is a big problem. One of the things you can do to give him peace of mind is to be submissive. As a matter of fact, “no Man wants to marry another man as a wife”.

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Originally posted 2020-04-14 15:04:32.

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