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Many people just drag on with their partners in relationships without having any of the benefits that relationships are known for. They do so with the false hope of getting married, even though they do not understand why things are the way they are.

But relationships show certain warning signs before they come to an end. They do not just come to an abrupt end in a day, it takes time and the warning signals are very clear.

Relationships often endure even though there are challenges and not all relationships end when they are faced by challenges. But there are limits to the challenges that every relationship can endure.

Partners may still meet and talk with each other while they know deep within them that their relationship is over.

Here are things that you should lookout for to know if your current relationship is over.

1. Your Partner Keeps Secrets from You.

When a partner in a relationship starts hiding information such as account details and trips from the other partner, it is a warning sign that the relationship may have crashed. The partner may have concluded not to have a future with the other person.

2. Physical Abuses.

A relationship that involves physical abuse has nearly reached its end. Most times it means that the partner that is being physically abused, beaten or injured will not want to go ahead with the relationship. A relationship is not marriage so when there is violent abuses, the weaker sex mainly females will dream of having another relationship.

3. Unforgiveness.

When a partner finds it very difficult to forgive a partner who have erred, that is a big sign that the relationship have or is about to crash. Forgiveness is an integral part of a relationship that still have some element of love in it. But when this is lacking, then there is a big problem.

4. Parents Do Not Like the Partner.

When one parent especially the mother of the guy mentions that she does not want her son to get married to a lady who is in a relationship with her son, the lady should consider the relationship a shaky one, if not over.

This is because mothers are often the rallying point when it comes to getting married. They can also influence their sons into getting married to another lady.

5. One Partner Cheats Too Often.

It is popularly said that to err is human and to forgive is divine. A partner can forgive one that cheats in a relationship ones but they may not be forgiven if they are caught cheating more than once. When a partner cheats more than once, the relationship is necessarily over.

6. A Partner Complains of Not Enjoying Sex.

This applies only to people who agree to sex before marriage. While having a relationship, they have sex quite often. But if one partner does not enjoy it, it may spell doom for the relationship. In fact it is one of the biggest factors that tears not just relationship but also marriage apart.

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Originally posted 2020-04-20 18:13:16.

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