Although most people will not admit it, they love dating virgins for many reasons. Each partner in a relationship always want to feel in charge of the other person because love has to do with possessing someone or having them all to oneself.

For most people that prefer sex after marriage, they always try to find out ways to know if the person that they are dating is a virgin, even though most people are not. Some are bold enough to ask their partner if they are still virgins, but only a few people have the guts to do that for fear of losing the one that they love.

There are seven (7) ways that people can know if their lover is a virgin without having to face the stress of asking them:

1. They Hardly Request for Money

Ladies are known to always request for things while dating, and if they are virgins they are not likely to request things from the man that they are dating. This is because, ladies that are none virgins have been through many relationships, and they always ask for anything because they are willing to give their body upon request.

2. They Are Religious

The few ladies or guys that are still virgins are religious people. They adhere to their religious beliefs that sex before marriage is sinful and wrong, so most virgins are religious.

3. They Cannot Undress Before Their Guys or Ladies

When they are alone with their partners, they find it difficult to change their clothes or undress when they are virgins. But a partner that is not a virgin will want the other party to see his or her body features and become more attracted to them.

4. They Love Going Out and Watching Movies

That they are virgins does not mean that they cannot socialize and get a lot of fun. Virgins use their social life to cover up for their lack of sexual activity. Some of them engage in extreme social activity or indoor activities that keep them occupied especially when they are with their partners.

5. They Are In Good Relationship With Their Mothers

When a lady or a guy has a smooth relationship with their mothers, they are most likely virgins who have kept to their mothers advice, since most mothers want their children to marry as virgins. If a rift is observed between them and their mothers, it means that they are no longer virgins.

6. They Love Children

Ladies and guys that are virgins are very fond of children, unlike people that are no longer virgins. Those ladies that have sex more often or have procured an abortion may not be so fund of children. Partners that love children or are very close to them should likely be virgins.

7. Sex Is Not a Good Idea

Partners that are virgins are hardly thrilled if one introduces a topic on sex or tries to lure them into it. They would not mind calling things quit in a relationship if the other partner tries to pressure them into having sex.

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Originally posted 2020-04-19 21:39:39.

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