Ladies in lock-down

People have talked about how the lock-down caused by corona-virus affected many aspects of life but, how it affected ladies is more devastating. Ladies had to cope with a very unusual way of life during the lock-down.

Many of them managed to cope with the difficulty and they had a sigh of relief when the lock-down measures were being gradually lifted in many parts of the world. There are some areas that ladies were seriously affected and they are:


It was an ugly sight during the lock-down to find many celebrities without makeup on. Most ladies rely heavily on makeup to cover the defects in their bodies.

Many of them do so because they were often going out to the public. But during the lock down where no movement was allowed, ladies dressed unattractively and many of them did not have makeup for many weeks.

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2.Fun of Dating.

Ladies often meet new dates while they go on their daily activities. They have a lot of fun being teased at each date and they often look forward to more.

But the lock down also changed the dating culture among ladies. Guys couldn’t have a crush on them while they are on lock down.

3.Ladies chat and Gossip.

Ladies often converge at salons and with friends to talk about issues that affects them. They share stories about new dates and seek advice from friends on how to cope with certain challenges in their relationship.

There is no way to do that because of the lock down since the likely places for such meetings such as salons, boutiques and shops are not open.

4.Partying and Clubbing.

Parties and clubs are never complete without ladies in attendance. Their presence makes the difference in a party and most guys know that.

Ladies also enjoy the attention that they get from partying and clubbing. But for over three months, the lock down has made it impossible for ladies to attend parties and unwind.

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Originally posted 2020-06-13 15:13:45.

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