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BBNaija Reunion 2020

In preparation for the 2020 edition of the Big Brother Naija show, Multichoice which is the organizer of the show has put together a reunion for former housemates of the previous edition including Kim Oprah who is rumored to be the most beautiful BBNaija housemate ever.

When the housemates met a few days ago, many fans of the show were glued to their television to see which of the housemate showed up and which did not.

The corona virus did not stop the former housemates from assembling for the reunion even though many of them stayed away. Many people would have love to see Tacha there but she did not attend the reunion.

Tacha was disqualified from the BBNaija house for breaking the rules and she had issues with other housemates which made her famous outside the house, but very unpopular inside.

Although Tacha was absent, Kim Oprah and others who were present made some scathing remark about Tacha. However, fans who were watching the reunion began talking about Kim Oprah and they felt that she was the most beautiful lady in the BBNaija house.

The issue of which female housemate is the most beautiful was very contentious as some fans of the show thought otherwise.

Apart from maintaining what many of her fans believe to be a naturally beautiful skin, Kim Oprah was also thought to be one of the most composed and well mannered housemate.

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The reunion also signaled the readiness of the organizers to go ahead with the show as planned despite fears of corona virus which led to the institution of social distancing rules. Even the audition for the show will take place.

The issue of Kim Oprah being the most beautiful housemate did not come from Kim herself but it came from some of her overzealous fans on social media that are missing the excitement of the previous edition of the show.

Do you think Kim Oprah was the most beautiful housemate in the bbnaija 2019 pepper them gang edition?

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Originally posted 2020-06-15 07:00:42.

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