vaginal discharge.

Dealing with unusual vaginal discharge as a lady can be very embarrassing especially when a partner or someone you do not want to know about it gets to know.

Also, ladies are very secretive about things that affect their sexual health particularly when it has to do with a vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge refers to certain substances that come out of the vagina before, during or after sexual activity. They are the reaction of the body and genital tracts to effects of bacterial or viral infections.

Any discharge other than the normal menstrual flow is considered unhealthy and it may be a sign that ladies should seek medical attention.

An abnormal discharge can only mean that a lady has contracted some infection which can either be sexual or otherwise and it is not all vaginal discharge that are gotten through sexual activity. Some bacterial infections that can lead to discharge have been attributed to unhygienic tendencies.

Viral infections are considered dangerous and the only way to have a proper treatment is if the type of infection is diagnosed because, there are several viral infections.

Bacterial infections can also be equally dangerous and can cause discharge such as whitish or greenish substances that are sometimes accompanied with offensive odor.

There are verified ways to treating all cases of vaginal discharge but some ladies have been using unhealthy ways to respond to such infections. The effect of using these ways to address the problem can jeopardize the health of ladies completely.

Here are a number of unhealthy ways that ladies handle vaginal discharge that should be avoided:

1. Self Medication.

With the interest just a click away most ladies try to check online when they have an abnormal vaginal discharge. They do not just check to know the name of the ailment by identifying the symptoms but also check for names of drugs that they can buy over the counter. That is dangerous and may have fatal complications.

2. Telling a Close Friend.

Ladies often talk about their private lives and sexual experiences with their close friends. When they have issues such as vaginal discharge they tell their close friends because they are scared and want to know if other ladies experience the same.

It is not also a trusted means to handle vaginal discharge because their friends may end up offering wrong prescriptions that may cause more damage.

3. Hiding the infection.

Since ladies consider such strange discharge to be embarrassing, they may keep the information to themselves alone and not tell anyone.

That is why most cases often get to the hospital late when some damages have been done. Discharge may be caused by numerous infections some of which can be cancerous.

4. They Lap into Depression.

Even when medical treatment have commenced, some ladies can still suffer from anxiety and depression because of strange vaginal discharges.

This is often borne out of the embarrassments that they faced from their spouses or lovers who may not want to have sexual relationships with them because of the infection.

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