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Irrespective of the kind of preferences for ladies that are out there, they often fall under two broad categories such as dress code for tall ladies and dress code for short ladies.

It is also said that every lady is beautiful or simply put “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and it appears to be true if every lady will follow the appropriate dressing rule.

The rules that guide female dressing are not rigid and so specific but they are broad and simple. Ladies can break any other rules of looking good but they should not make the mistake of breaking any of these two rules because they underlie nearly all fashion sense known to ladies.

1. Rules for Tall Ladies.

It is expected that most tall ladies are very conscious of their body size while dressing. That is why the first rule for them is never to wear any dress with prominent vertical lines or patterns. This is to help keep their height in check and not scare guys that are not tall away.

It is not that it reduces their height, but it creates an impression in the beholder that the lady is not too tall. A tall lady will look extremely tall if she wears a gown with vertical stripes and it will make her look unattractive.

2. Rules for Short Ladies.

Most people think that being short is sexy because most slim and short ladies are considered as having a good body shape. But it does not always follow in that pattern especially when the short lady has violated a dress code.

Short ladies often feel that they have a problem. That put on a wide range of styles that they can find, not knowing that they can become less attractive if they do not follow their dress code. Short ladies should not wear dresses with horizontal patterns.

Ladies who are of average height need not bother much about these rules because both horizontal and vertical patterns look good on them. They will only have a problem if their body size is plus-size or too slim.

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Originally posted 2020-05-04 20:56:45.

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