Menstruating lady

That period in the month when ladies experience a monthly flow of blood is referred to as the menstrual cycle and it comes with a lot of changes to the body. Some of which can be discomforting to ladies.

It is an aspect of ladies lives that is hardly talked about because every lady seems to know how to go about their peculiar menstrual flow issues.

The discomforts are often attributed to the hormonal imbalance in the body which results in cramps, pains and aches in the body. Certain lifestyle and behavioral factors can affect the way the changes will take place in the body. For some ladies in that time of the month that they dread the most because of the uncertainties that it brings.

The female hormone is known as the estrogen and that is what determines how feminine a lady will look. Ladies each have a unique way of handling the changes that occurs during their monthly flow and it is based on the particular situation that they face during their flow.

Some of them adapt these behaviors just because of the convenience, but any do’s and don’ts that should be taken into consideration during the monthly flow must be scientific and proven to be effective.

Here are some things that ladies must not do during their period for obvious scientific reasons. These things must be avoided irrespective of the peculiar problems that ladies experience during their period.

1. Salt in-take May Aggravate the Symptoms.

When you are having your menstrual flow is not the best time to consume more salt because the symptoms and discomfort that you feel can be increased by salt intake. Salt has a way of affecting the balance of hormone in your body.

2. Eating red meat and diary.

You will have noticed by now that you are quite gassy during periods. This is because your body will not easily digest red meat and it may increase the discomfort that you feel.

3. Attend an All-Night Party

Your hormones can become more disorderly in affecting your body if you have anything less than a normal night sleep. Having a normal sleep patter will keep your hormones in check so having an all-night party is not the best thing for you at this time.

4. Don’t Take Coffee.

Another thing that you must avoid is coffee. Coffee is known to have a high caffeine content and caffeine can cause cramps, bloating and constrictions in the blood vessels.

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