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For the first time in many decades social gathering has been prohibited and people are being told to embrace social distancing. That means that we cannot meet people the way we use to, let alone trying to get closer to them and fall in love. This has made dating apps to become very popular.

Besides, all means of getting to know the other person such as hotels, bars & restaurants where people can have dates have been closed. People use to meet in gatherings such as parties, religious places and so on, but that cannot happen now because everything has been changed by the idea of social distancing.

Many people are now relying more on dating apps to find people living in their areas and fall in love with them. Some even have to sneak in and out of their lovers homes to avoid being caught violating government restriction orders, while others are having secret dates at home.

More than ever before, people are using dating apps and they are actually falling in love and dying to be together forever. Before considering an online date, there are five things that you must know so that your date can be safe and happy.

1. Date Only Within Your Area and Location.

You may be lucky to find the guy next door on a dating app, and it is preferable not to date people that are far away from you because, a date that is far away will imply long distance relationship with its associated disadvantages and stress.

2. Define Your Date Clearly.

Let your new friend know if what you want is just to flirt or to have a serious relationship. He or she may understand that the lock down is making you lonely and may play along.

3. Beware of Scammers and Criminals.

Criminals can actually pose as girls on popular dating sites and pretend to be girls for as long as you cannot find out for some fraudulent purposes. They often lure their victims to give them money under false pretense.

4. Multiple Dates.

There are thousands of profile of people you can fall in love with by just a click of the button. You may be tempted to have multiple dates because others may like you and want to date you.

5. Heart Break.

Having a heart break can happen if your lovers device is damaged or lost. It can leave you devastated throughout the lock down, that is why it is advisable to have other contacts of your new online dates as soon as things gets serious between the both of you.

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Originally posted 2020-05-16 07:00:08.

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