Going back to an ex-lover.

Returning to ones former lover is not a very common thing because, when a relationship breaks-up, both partners tend to move on as soon as they could.

But sometimes, there is need for people to return to their former relationships when the the love and memories that they once shared is revived.

Most partners are scared of returning fully to their former lovers so they prefer to cheat secretly with them, having sexual relationships and spending quality time together.

That is very risky, as they risk causing a heart break to their new lover who helped them move on from their old relationship. Certain things must be put into consideration before returning to your ex-lover to ensure that the same issues do not resurface, and your new partner is not very hurt especially when you guys are caught cheating.

Stated below are some of the things to consider before going back to your ex-lover:

1. You Do Not Love Your New Partner.

Sometimes people that are heart broken accept a new relationship not out of love, but out of the desire to move on and get over the hurt that was caused by the former lover. After some time they will start remembering the good times that they had with their former lover and wish to return.

2. Your Ex Tries To Woo You Again.

When it is your fault that led to the collapse of your former relationship, you are bound to fall in love again if your ex gives you a sign that he has forgiven you and wants you back.

3. You Are Certain That Your Ex has Changed.

If while having your new relationship, you discovered that your ex has changed, it is imperative for most people to want to make a come back. That is why it is advisable to cut-off all contact with your ex as soon as the relationship is called off because of the tendency to want a return.

4. Your New Relationship is Uncertain.

You can easily call it quit with your new partner if you are sure that the relationship has no future. You can do that by subscribing to the policy of “the devil that you know is better than the angle that you don’t know”.

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Originally posted 2020-04-30 11:37:58.

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