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Toxic relationships are very dangerous because they are the exact opposite of what an ideal relationship should be. People who are in toxic relationships are instinctively trying to get out and be free again but not many of them know how to go about it.

A toxic relationship is one in which one partner or both are not happy and are harmed by the relationship. This may be that a partner is being physically or sexually abused by the other.

There are various tips that someone in a toxic relationship can follow to get out because that is the only thing that can be done. To get out of a toxic relationship, you must follow some steps.

Here are five steps you can follow to walk out of a toxic relationship:

1. Decide In Your Mind That the Relationship is Toxic.

One big obstacle to getting out of a toxic relationship is the idea that we are in love with the other partner that is making the relationship toxic. We are blinded by love and cannot see that the relationship we are in is toxic. To get out, we must be courageous to let ourselves know that all is not well by making up our minds.

2. Let Your Partner Know That the Relationship is Toxic.

After making up your mind it is important that you let your partner know that you are not enjoying the relationship. It is the partner’s reaction that will confirm whether your concern is true or not. Most abusive partners react violently or angrily to such concerns, and may even threaten the partner who raises the question.

3. Give the Partner Some Space and Time.

Staying away from the relationship and taking a break is the next step after letting the partner know how you feel about the relationship. Sometimes, it is after taking a break that one realizes how much damage has been done by the toxic relationship.

Most partners in toxic relationships discover that they no longer love their partners but where just afraid to admit that the relationship was toxic.

4. Quit and Work Away.

At this stage it is very clear without any doubt that the relationship cannot work so call it off, quit and breakup. This can happen by just telling the other partner that you are no longer interested in going on with the relationship.

5. Try to Find Love Again.

Your exit strategy from a toxic relationship is not complete if you do not find love afterwards. The vacuum created by the other partner may tempt some partners into going back and facing greater danger from the toxic relationship.


The damages that a toxic relationship can cause cannot be over emphasized. You are too precious to be maltreated all in the name of love. Never you fail to speak up, tell your partner things you don’t like about them. Whatever you know you cannot tolerate after marriage, do not accept while dating.

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Originally posted 2020-04-20 18:30:23.

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