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Will You Allow Your Man to Control You in a Relationship?

Most times, relationships are occasioned by guys. It is the guy that often first see a lady, likes her and asks her out. This is why the idea of the guy always controlling in a relationship is very common today. But not all ladies agree to that.

A substantial number of ladies now think that they ought to control guys. Even though the society in Africa invented the idea of “woman-wrapper” to make mockery of men who are dominated by ladies in a relationship, some guys are ready to be a fool for their ladies.

The question whether it is right for a guy to control a lady when they are dating is a big one. In fact those who feel that it is a bad idea to let a lady control a man in a relationship are being very unfair.

Ladies are not always the dependent type and in some cases, the guys that they are dating depend financially on them. Even at that, some guys still want to make the lady submit to their control because they think that being able to control the lady they are dating, influence all her decisions and take none of her opinions is the sign of a good relationship.

Besides, the guy left his love proposal with the lady for many days to decide whether she truly loves him. So she also had time to decide whether she liked him at first. At the end, both partners in a relationship love each other equally and both deserves to be heard.

This is why no lady should be controlled anyhow in a relationship by a guy, all in the name of relationship. That is not to say that they should be disrespectful to customs or even the guy they are dating.

It means that a guy does not have the right to control a lady the way he likes just because he is a guy and she is a lady. A guy should respect the opinion of the lady he is dating or in a relationship with.

In conclusion, ladies should always respect a guy and also know what men expect from ladies. In a relationship especially in this part of the world, ladies are expected to respect their husband as this is what most men want. And guys should in turn love their girlfriend or partner just as they love themselves.

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Originally posted 2020-05-05 14:04:36.

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