Want him to spend more time down there without taking a detour? Remember these tips and you’ll know just how to make him go down on you the right way.

You should give signals first. Watch some porn in which blowjobs, is major part. Observe his attention during that part. Tell him you like it. While giving him blow job shift to 69 position and See what he does. If he just finger you then you can insist him to lick your vaginal lips, you can make it more comfortable for him by applying some ice cream, honey, maple syrup.

 keep you pussy clean always, wash after urinating. Keep your pubic hair trimmed. Just before having sex wash your genitalia. Communication is top priority when it comes to creating intimacy and trust in a relationship, especially when it comes to sex.

First you should try talking to your partner about oral sex. Find out what each other thinks about it, share past experiences, fears. If you want your partner to go down on you, you should be at the stage in your relationship where communication comes naturally and there is trust between you. If not, then perhaps this is something you need to work on first.

Sure it can be intimidating to talk about something so personal, but what could be more personal than having a guy go down on you? If you’re up for that, then surely you should be up for a conversation about it? So many couples make the mistake of not truly communicating with each other, and the result is that the oral sex isn’t necessarily as enjoyable as it could and should be.

At the end of the day neither of you are mind readers and you can’t be expected to know how each other is feeling or what each other finds pleasurable unless you find ways to express it.

 **TIP** Set the atmosphere right, Whenever you’re in bed the next time, tell him “Darling I think I’ve an idea that you might like.” then explain to him what exactly you want him to do. See how it goes, I’m sure he’ll at least take a go at it. If he acts like vomiting, introduce props.

OYA go and buy ice cream, and get to work.

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Originally posted 2020-04-13 16:02:11.

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