When your partner has been away for a long or short period of time, doing something to signify how much you’ve missed them is always a welcome idea and an appreciated gesture. Knowing how to go about it makes it more romantic. Stated below is a hint of what you can do to make him wanting you more.

Greet Him.

When he comes back, greet him with a long kiss and a good hug. After he has showered, wear a sexy undies and be clean smelling good, it might also be a sexy outfit. Sit beside him while he eats or while the two of you eat, keep stirring at him seductively and talk dirty as well.

Reveal Your Plans.

After the meal, while he is relaxing, you would have written some note and direction on how he will get to the room, place one beside him to start with and text him from the room for him to know. Before he comes, get a glass or cup of wine and some fruits like grape, then when he gets to the room kiss him a bit.

Take The Lead.

Push him let him fall on the bed but, do that gently. Look into his eyes tell him how handsome he is and how cute his d*ck is, tell him how you feel when he rides you. Kiss his lips slightly then, deeply move to his neck, then his ears, while doing that talk dirty. Move to his breast, suck one and caress one, pinch it a bit and suck it, use your teeth to hold it a bit and let it loose little by little.

Ride On Each Other.

After that, move to his tummy, navel and his tight, kiss them and then pour the wine on his tummy, chest, and navel. Suck it all up place the fruit on his chest and breast, then down to the side of his d*ck eat and kiss the place. When you get to the dick after eating and kissing, turn 69 and suck him blindfolded including his balls, after that remove your blindfold and lay down let him ride you. After a while turn him and ride him, then suck and kiss him again, after that lay down let him ride you till both of you cum. Don’t forget to talk dirty.

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