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Men are the simplest specie I’ve ever handled in my life. No man is difficult, ignorance is what makes it difficult. If you want men to fall in love with you and your fiance/husband to treat you like the greatest treasure on earth, you must understand what makes a man a man,

You must know the right buttons to click and how to enjoy a sweet, blissful, heaven on earth marriage with him! Stated below are some of the things that every woman that wants a good relationship with their partner should know.


first love

Men are passionate about it and that is their work. A man must succeed. Not making progress in life is like being impotent, he feels castrated! You must understand this and give him space to succeed.

This requires time, efforts, focus, sleepless nights. To demand he spend all his waking hours watching romantic movie with you is to turn him to a perpetual failure!

Idle ladies who have nothing sensible doing with their lives except disturb their fiance at work per minute, per second to fill their empty life are a big turn off!


man with ego

Men needs it to be the head of their home and succeed. You must distinguish between ego and pride. A man with a healthy ego will listen to you but firmly and lovingly let you know his final decision.

A man with pride won’t listen to you at all, snob you and treat you like trash! A man with a healthy ego is not a dummy! Some women expect their men to take all their advice and follow all their instruction, that’s not possible! He can’t take everything.

He will take the ones that makes sense and put aside the ones that will land you in trouble. He is the head. You can’t force your ideas on him, you can only advise, the final decision lies in his hand, shikennah!


beautiful lady

it’s so amazing so many ladies are ignorant of this. Look, if you don’t want that guy to have sex with you, COVER UP whenever you are with him. I don’t understand how a sane Christian sister will go to her fiance’s house with a mini skirt and your laps thrown apart right in front of him!

You also wore a low neckline and each time you bend; your big mammalian glands are staring menacingly at him and you tell him not to…not to do what? I pity men honestly, the temptation they face daily, only the God of heaven Himself understands because women are refusing to understand!

In marriage, you must deliberately make your husband chase you around for sex, just one look at some wives, all the sexual desire the husband has flies right through the window! Stinking mouth, bushy armpit, torn underwear, ragged pant, smelling wrapper, etc, etc.

Yet the man is surrounded by sweet smelling, well dressed, tantalizing, head swooning babes at work! You must keep packaging and re-packaging! Get transparent bra that pushes the central focus forward, jaw dropping lingerie, sex triggering perfumes and blow his imagination off as often as you can (this is strictly for the married).


peace of mind

Nagging, criticizing, shouting, yelling, abusing and cursing can destabilize a man, you should minimize it as much as possible in fact, stop it all together.
Some men hate coming home early because the troublesome wife will nag life out of him till late in the night!

Once he wakes up, she repeats the cycle till he leaves home! Men like that usually end up with mistresses or second wives! Men run towards women who give them peace not shatter them to pieces!


Quality food

Unless he didn’t give you enough money or he likes it, concoction rice with ground pepper, onions, coconut oil and maggi is an insult to him! Watery stew that drops to his elbow while eating is a big bomb on his head!

Egusi soup that looks as if garri is sprinkled over a pot of water is a big slap on his face! His money should reflect what you cook please! Maximize what you have, treat him like a king!

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