Candidly, men love to be praised, praise of man is a natural territory that cannot be over emphasized! When a women notice it, it can even land one into trouble as men will keep giving the chase.

If you are a man-praiser, you will never lack a man’s love all your life! You will be pampered, loved and cherished! I’ve never met a single man who does not respond to praise!

Stingy, selfish, bitterly critical women who see nothing good in their men never have lasting marriages! Praise your husband silly! Appreciate his efforts in your life. Look out for his good qualities and his song in his ears daily!
You must learn to praise your husband, it gives a deep pleasure doing so, he sure deserves it and he enjoys listening to it.

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Ladies who shout at their fiance, order him around and disgrace him in public because she has a master’s degree in international marketing will stay a long long time as single before she finds an old man to marry them!

You must be humble if you want to be under any man’s roof! Respect is the food of every man. Learn to respect your fiance, show honour to your husband. Saying “yes sir” when appropriate won’t make you less of a woman!

Learn how to talk to a man. Some women just don’t know how to talk! Never correct him in public, don’t send him on errand in front of his friends, stop making jest of him in front of the children, it’s bad!!!


God states it clearly, “wives, submit to your husbands.” Submit your body and other things when he needs them. If you have any trouble with that, ask God, not me.

Why was Abraham madly in love with Sarah? She didn’t allow her exceptional beauty make her proud, she was a very submissive, respectful wife who called her husband “Lord.”


Men want women who can support whenever they need help. That is why lots of men are having affairs with colleagues at work because the colleague is eager to help when he needs it most, while the one at home left him to handle his problems by himself. Why then did he get married? What is her role in his life as a HELPER?


The season of little, the season of managing, the season of abundance! No man wants a gold digger who runs away when he has challenges only to show up when he has made it and has millions flowing in his account!

Men are not difficult at all. These and more are what makes a man tick, thrive and enjoy the woman he has vowed to spend the rest of his life with. Can you he that kind of woman?

Do you have what it takes to make your husband happy and fulfilled? Think about it.

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