Regina Daniels

It is often great news for ladies to inform their husbands about their pregnancy status except it is an illicit affair. The case of popular Nollywood actress Regina Daniels is the same with every normal couple, except that her fans are not happy about it.

Regina Daniels has known controversy ever since news of her marriage to billionaire Ned Nwoko filtered through the ears of her fans, many of whom knew her as a child actress. With firm support from her mother who is also a veteran actress, Regina Daniels got married to Ned Nwoko who was much older than her.

At the time the marriage took place, Ned Nwoko was 59 years old, while many fans thought that Regina Daniels was just 19 years old. Many critics of the marriage went as far as predicting a messy divorce within a few months of the wedding, but it never happened as the couple kept on with their love.

In 2020, the controversies worsened as rumors began making the rounds that actress Regina Daniels did an abortion to avoid having Ned Nwoko’s child. Those who peddled the false story cited her sudden loss of weight as evidence of their claims.

The actress faced yet another accusation from her critics that she had terminated another pregnancy and was considering quitting the marriage. In a swift response to this allegation, the actress repeatedly shared that she does not care about what people said about her.

Fans and critics who were familiar with the rumors were shocked after the actress and her husband Chief Ned Nwoko both released a photo on their respective Instagram walls showing Regina Daniels baby bump. The photos began to trend and generate reactions from fans and critics alike.

Some of her critics still went as far as criticizing her for getting pregnant. They felt that she should be ashamed of carrying a pregnancy for a man that is as old as Ned Nwoko who will be 60 years old this year. The issues that have trailed actress Regina Daniels since her wedding to Ned Nwoko has made her pregnancy to become one of the most controversial in the history of the Nollywood industry.

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Originally posted 2020-06-04 08:07:43.

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