Black Hot Dressed Ladies

There is this phrase that captures the desire of many ladies to appear hot, especially when they are going for a public outing “Dressing to kill“. The phrase is not very popular these days and it has been replaced by “looking hot” or sexy as the case may be. Dressing hot means a way of dressing that seeks some form of attention especially from the male folks.

When it comes to dressing hot, it is difficult to differentiate between singles and married because, dressing to look hot has become a culture that is very hard for ladies to put away. The culture has made beauty and good looks to be equivalent with being sexy.

It has unintentionally sexualized dress culture among ladies. Sexualization of ladies dress code does not mean that it has to do with sex and all of that, it simply means that it emphasizes the female gender in a certain way, making men to see a lady from a single perspective which is injurious to the gender equality struggle.

A lady who dresses to look hot is not expected to do certain things, she is expected to be dependent on a man, she is even given a bad reputation.

Below are 5 reasons why ladies dress to look hot:

1. To Find a Date.

Some guys think that any lady that looks “hot” is desperate to find a lover and so she may be the first target. Whereas, ladies that do not seem to look hot may be avoided because they are often conservative in their approach, and may not offer an exciting date.

2. To Express Feminism.

A feminists who thinks that men oppress women and the world should revolve around women, will dress in unconventional ways to portray herself as a rebel to social norms, which segregates women.

3. Freedom.

Dressing hot for some ladies is mere expression of the fact that they are free to do whatever they like, and no one has any right to question them on how they should live their lives.

4. Self Confidence.

Looking hot or dressing to kill is one way that ladies gain self confidence, especially when they are noticed by the people around them. Ladies who suffer from low self confidence, are likely to dress to look hot because they may over do it when trying to impress everyone.

5. Frustration.

When some ladies feel that all is lost or have suffered a heartbreak or some form of abuse, they often give in to living their lives as if there is nothing left to lose. This may include dressing hot at all times.

The big question now is, Do ladies dress hot just to attract men to themselves? Please share your thought with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Also share this on your social media platforms using the social media icon below.

Originally posted 2020-05-15 16:02:12.

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