Cheating is a common problem that both married and single ladies face in their relationships, this is not an issue that has been blown out of portion because it happens everyday.

Most people are biased when it comes to judging relationship issues that have to do with cheating, by ascribing the fault to the lady in the relationship. Ladies carry a lot of responsibility and they are expected to put up with just any man or guy.

They tend to carry the biggest responsibility such as, taking care of the man with the resources that he provides, ensuring courtesy and respect for the man and his relatives, carrying out daily chores and taking care of the man’s emotional and sexual needs.

Despite this heavy burden, they are often the first to be blamed if a relationship or a marriage does not work out. People often say that a man can manage to live with a lady that he does not like, but a lady can hardly live with a man that she is not in love with. The saying shows the depth of responsibility that the woman carries in a relationship.

It is no doubt a matter of fact that both guys and ladies cheat, but ladies tend to be blamed more than guys. Therefore, we shall consider some reasons why married ladies cheat bearing in mind that for ladies that decide to cheat, it is a well thought out thing and not some mistake.

This is in view of the sensitive interpretation and responsibility that society has placed on ladies in relationships, whether married or single.

1. She Does Not Love Him.

Unhappy lady.
Unhappy partners sitting on the chair.

When a lady is forced to get married to a man against her wish, it will be difficult for her to love the man, and she will cheat if there appears to be no way to end the relationship. This is something that have been happening to so many ladies, especially those from the rural areas.

Some ladies are being forced or married out by their parents to a man that she have little or no feelings for. This happens probably because the man is rich or he is from a wealthy family. And due to the gullible nature of the ladies parents, they don’t wont to know if she has feelings for the man or not.

What they are concerned about is what they stand to benefit from the marriage. Ladies who find themselves in such kind of situation are left with no option than to cheat

2. He Can’t Take Care of Her.

An unhappy woman
A young lady looking unhappy

Some ladies cannot cope with poverty and they need a man to provide for them. If he fails to do so and does not have any prospect of doing so, the lady who is married to him may reconsider her marital vows and cheat.

This is not a justification, but an explanation of what can motivate a married lady to cheat. So many ladies out there are guilty of such practice especially those who are highly materialistic in nature. They can’t tolerate even the slightest form of poverty with a man.

Sometimes, this ladies have lived most of their their lives practicing a “Use What You Have To Get What You Want” kind of live style. And as such they’ve not experienced lack all their lives.

3. She is Under Pressure.

A pressured woman.
A young lady under pressure

Some men derive pleasure in chasing after married ladies, because of the notion that they can be faithful and loyal if they succeed in getting them to fall in love. Ladies under pressure to date another man may easily hype matters unnecessarily with their spouses, and try to breed disunity so that they can exit the marriage on that basis.

4. Her Mom Does Not Like Him.

Angry mother-in-law
An angry lady.

Ladies definitely becomes like their mother when they get married, and that includes disliking whatever she dislikes. If her mom never liked the spouse while they were dating, she may eventually come to dislike him even though she was in love with him before. And when she does, she might cheat on him.

5. He Can’t Satisfy Her Sexually.

Unsatisfied lady.
A sexually unsatisfied lady.

Men often take the matter of sexual gratification of ladies very serious. This is because, they have a firm conviction that they are not men if they cannot satisfy their lady in bed. Every lady out there wants to be sexually satisfied by their man.

And when this is not forth coming, they seek for an alternative. Although, this is not a justifiable reason for a lady to cheat, some women are doing it. Some men don’t know how to satisfy a lady during sexual intercourse.

They leave this women sexually frustrated on the bed. Since our culture frowns at a lady demanding for sex from a man, these ladies keeps silent and thereby utilize any given opportunity they get to satisfy themselves.

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Originally posted 2020-05-09 11:07:26.

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