Ever taught of having a bigger butts/hips? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered.

Getting A Bigger, Sexier Butt Is Easier Than You Probably Think. And, No, We Don’t Mean By Butt Injections, Plastic Surgery Or Even Butt Pads.

You Can Have A Bigger, Sexier Butt And Wider Hips Simply By Using The Right Products That Contains The Right Ingredients, And By “Products” We Are Talking About Organic Butts & Hips Enlarger Cream.

It Is Made With Natural Extract That Are Potent For Hip Enhancement And Lifting.  .

Butts enlargement cream.
Organic Butts/Hips Enlarger Cream.

Organic butts & hips Enlarger is extracted from organic materials, to help the buttock enlarge while keeping natural skin balance. 

It activates the cells and  infiltrate into their  deep  tissue, accelerate fat synthesis promote blood  circulation and lift flaccid skin, leaving the hip perky plump and classic.


Below are some of the screen shot from chatting with some of our clients who got the product.


Below are some of the before and after pics of some of our clients who have used our product recently.

Harleema from Abuja
Mrs Betty from Asaba
Grace from Kubwa Abuja.
Jomoke from Ogun state.
Mrs Becky from Owerri.
Miss Philomena from Benin.


Below are some of the reviews from some of our clients who got the product from social media.

Most persons starts getting result within 2 weeks of constant usage. 

NOTE: The kind of result you get depends on how well your body responds fast to the product, while some persons use only one cup to get what they want, others use up to two cups to get a very positive result.

But you can start with one and see the result within two weeks of constant usage


Below are some of the unbelievable transformation videos of some of our clients who were willing to share their amazing transformations with us.

The product is produced by a Dubai based cosmetic company. You really don’t have to spend millions to get that your desired shape you’ve always dreamt of.

With all the amazing reviews seen so far, one of the questions running in your mind now is “How much does this cost”?

Well, it will amaze you to know that it’s very affordable for anyone who has interest in the product, regardless of your financial status.

The original cost of this product is 15,000 Per cup. 

But because of our ongoing promo, we’re selling at 10,000 per cup.

This promo ends this week Saturday after which it returns to the normal price of 15,000 per cup.

Currently, we’re offering Free/Payment on delivery service within LAGOS, ABUJA, OWERRI, BENIN CITY AND PORT HARCOURT Till Saturday this week.

To Place your order, send in your:




Send these details to our sale’s rep on WhatsApp and our delivery agents will call you for delivery. 

To chat with our sale’s rep, CLICK HERE to place your order. We’re currently having limited stock available at the moment.

How to use:
1. Use a hot towel to massage the Butts/Hips for 1-2 minutes.
2. Apply the product evenly on butts/Hips
3. Massage the product into the skin from the bottom up (about 10 times)

For more Questions & Information about the product, feel free to have a one on one conversation with our 24/7 online customer care on WhatsApp by CLICKING HERE