Mercy Aigbe

Ladies often take things that relate to beauty and fashion very seriously, especially when it’s coming from a public figure or a celebrity. That is why they did not take it for granted when a popular Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe shared a new photo on her Instagram handle showing her beautiful braid hairstyle.

What she said about the braided hairstyle may make ladies who never considered the style to start having a rethink. The actress told her fans that she never thought that braided hairstyle could look so good on her like it did and she found out during the lock down.

Mercy Aigbe.
Mercy Aigbe on a lockdown Mood.

For Mercy Aigbe, it was the lock down that helped her discover it since she was not planning to go anywhere but just made it to share on her Instagram handle. After sharing it the first day, the actress noticed the beautiful reactions and comments from her fans, that was when she decided to have another look at her braided hairstyle and boom! it was the best hairstyle for her.

The celebrity already has a reputation for having natural long hairs and even during the lock down it was obvious. Many celebrities did not bother to make their hairs because they felt that was important only when there is somewhere to go.

Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe.
Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe Having A Lavish Breakfast.

The situation was the same for many ladies as they did not see the need to do their hair or apply makeup because of the lock down. Ladies do not just wear beautiful hairstyles to feel good, they wear them in public places so that other ladies can admire them.

Celebrities too, do not just select hairstyle based on preference, they select based on its ability to make them look unique and beautiful. But it is very different now because the lock down have been partially lifted. Celebrities cannot attend any event or parties and some have not gone out but they are taking good care of their looks now.

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Originally posted 2020-05-12 08:12:01.

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