Nkem Owoh.

Ladies often have a very high taste when it comes to accepting a guys marriage proposal. The old criteria of being tall, dark, handsome and rich still stands for many ladies.

But a popular Nigerian music artist Paul Okoye Aka Rudeboy shook the age old table after he said that the responsibility of building a good lady rests solely with the man.

His views exonerates ladies from any responsibility giving them the much anticipated freedom to live just as they want. Ladies where excited after Rudeboy shared the post on his Instagram handle charging young men to stop looking for beautiful, God fearing ladies because it is their duty to build ladies.

The excitement behind Rudeboy’s post was that he is a celebrity who is known for releasing one of the most amazing love songs in the Nigerian musical industry “Reason with me“. As a perceived expert in love matters many people agreed with him.

But a much older celebrity Nkem Owoh who is also a popular Nollywood star did not fully agree with that. Nkem Owoh told his fans not to think that because Rudeboy said that they should build ladies to their taste and then marry them instead of looking for the one that meets all their criteria. They have to go out of their way to try to make ladies happy.

He warned young men to be careful in accepting the idea just because Rudeboy said so. Nkem Owoh expressed fears that men who go all out to please a lady and build her the way Rudeboy suggested may end up laying the foundation for another man to roof.

His views went viral as many young men agreed with him. Even the singer Rudeboy who had offered the advice took to his Instagram handle to share Nkem Owoh’s thought on his post, warning young men not to take his advice word for word.

Do you think men are saddled with the responsibilities of building a lady to their taste?

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Originally posted 2020-06-10 07:00:33.

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