Have you ever been embarrassed by the smell of your vagina? Are you wondering why your vagina smell a little awkward?

Well, let’s get this straight. A healthy vagina is not odorless neither does it smell like flowers, strawberry or banana. Every vagina have different smell, just the way we have different natural body scent. Some odors are stronger than others.

So if your vagina smells bad, this article is for you. If it doesn’t, please read through to help a friend, girlfriend or wife. The vagina is usually damp due to sweat and vaginal discharge. Although it is not enough to smell bad (with the proper hygiene).

There are some factors responsible for the natural vagina’s odour:

  • Sweat glands are found around the groin area. This contributes to a damp atmosphere around the vagina. With time this dampness begins to have a certain smell.
  • Menstrual cycle manipulates changing smells of the vagina ranging from the sour milk like smell from the discharge, to the metallic smell from the blood during menstruation
  • Vaginal discharge may be clear or milky, thin or thick. It also has a mild smell on its own.
  • The vagina is also a home to billions of bacteria which can affect how and what the vagina smell like, depending on how much certain bacteria are in the vagina.
  • The fact that this area is mostly covered, not open to air combines the individual factor of smell and the reason why the natural smell isn’t perfect to begin with.

So why does my vagina smell really bad?

  • Personal hygiene affects how much our body smell. Poor hygiene actually does make us smell bad. This includes washing your private part and changing your underwear regularly. If you do not wash your private part properly and regularly it would be a breeding home for bad bacteria, cause a very bad smell and probably irritation.
  • Infections can be the reason for a smelly vaginal, as well as a smelly vagina discharge. Infections like Bacterial Vaginosis (bacteria overgrowth in the vagina), Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), Vaginal Yeast infection, Trichomoniasis (sexually transmitted infection caused by parasite).

What should i do?

First of all, i will tell you what you should not do;

  • Do not douche.
  • Do not use strong soaps to wash the vagina.
  • Do not use deodorant, perfume sprays near or on the vagina. This even makes it smell worse over time.
  • Do not self medicate or use random chemicals or product on the vagina.

These product can disrupt the ph balance of the vagina. It can cause allergies and irritation and possibly cause the growth of bacteria and expose your vagina to high risk of infections.

Although these are things you can do to minimize bad smell;

  • Practice proper hygiene regularly. Wash your private part preferably with mild warm water. Wash your underwear daily and dry in the sun to prevent dampness and some bacteria. Ensure to change sets of underwear at most every three months.
  • Go to bed without your underwear. It makes it easy for air to pass through and reduces dampness around the vagina.
  • In case of itching, irritation, inflammation around the vagina and pain, I advice that you see a doctor. Do not self medicate.

Having a smelly vagina actually reduces confidence in a woman and lowers her self esteem. Help yourself or anyone you know suffering from this and they will thank you forever.

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Originally posted 2020-04-17 10:07:10.

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