Lady having premenstrual syndrome.

All You Need to Know About Premenstrual Syndrome

Most ladies may not know what the concept of Premenstrual syndrome is literally, but they understand that a lot happens to their bodies when they are about to experience menstruation and it happens every time they are about to have it. It is not an abnormality but a part for the experience of every normal lady even though it has many negative attributes.

Medical experts have traced its cause to hormonal changes that takes place in the female body when they are about to have their menstrual cycle. It can be managed medically but not cured.

Some guys have described ladies as highly complex people because they have observed that one minute a lady could be smiling, and in the mood for a lot of jokes, and the next minute she does not feel like talking with anyone.

The premenstrual syndrome is a condition that all ladies face shortly before experiencing their menstrual flow. A lot of hormonal changes take place in the female body at this point and it affects them not just physiologically, but also mentally too. One question most ladies always ask is “what then is the cause of this premenstrual syndrome“?

There is no known cause of the premenstrual syndrome, but its ability to cause some harm to ladies is inestimable. Ladies have suffered from depression, irritability, mood swings and many of them have head aches and body discomfort too as a result of this syndrome.

The situation cannot be cured, but it can be managed to help ladies live their normal lives without being forced to stay alone, and then give in to depression which has other health implications.

Understanding ladies as complex people is not a very good way of getting to appreciate them and love them like they deserve. It is better to see them as loving beings that need to be supported to cope with some of these challenges when they come up in the course of life.

Every normal lady experiences menstruation and by implication, they also experience the premenstrual syndrome which is not a disease but a condition that can be managed with love and affection.

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Originally posted 2020-05-07 07:00:18.

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