Does Keeping Your Ex After a Breakup Make You Mature?

The issue of keeping your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after both of you have broken up is very contentious because is has been described by many people as the main reason for the high rate of breakups among young people.

The reasons advanced in defense of keeping an ex-lover after a breakup is also as contentious as the topic itself is because, not all ladies consider keeping an ex as a good idea.

But the notion that keeping your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend as a friend after a breakup is a sign of maturity is becoming increasingly popular this days for many reasons.

One of such reasons why keeping your ex has been considered as a sign of maturity is that in most cases, it is not absence of love that leads to breakup. A relationship may be broken because a partner cheated or has some negative attitude but they may still have love for each other even though they do not see a future together.

The love that they still feel may make people keep their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after a breakup. The maturity there is to be able to keep them as friends without jeopardizing your new relationship.

Those who argue against this warns that because most people move into relationships too quickly after a breakup, and not out of love, keeping an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend places their new relationship at risk.

It is only a sign of maturity for those that have successfully managed their new relationship while still keeping their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. The fact that many people still have beautiful memories of their former lovers makes some to consider keeping ex-boyfriends and girlfriends as a time-bomb which will ruin their new relationship.

These group of people prefer to be considered as immature than risking their new relationship by keeping their ex-lovers as friends after a breakup.

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Originally posted 2020-05-01 10:03:06.

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