Lady spying on her partners phone.

In a relationship where there is trust, the issue of checking ones lovers phone does not often arise, but it is a very serious matter when there is lack of trust. The reason for this is very simple too, it is that just anything can be found in a phone, especially your lover’s phone.

These days, a phone is like an extension of the human self. Information that has not been revealed to anyone else can be found in the phone. This includes health records, secret relationships and dates, text messages and chats with ex-lovers and even stalkers.

Most times, when these information’s are found, they are often in their raw form and they may send shock and disappointment down the spine of their partners. However, with some little explanation, the partner may come to realize that they are not as important as they appeared.

The issue of checking of phones can also be important in a relationship where both partners keep secrets from each other. A partner discovering such information may spark quarrels and suspicion.

It also constitutes a big threat to a relationship where both lovers have shared their secrets with each other, in a bid to put away any trouble that might come up. But surprisingly, sharing your secrets with each other does not mean that there can’t be a threat of phone checking or spying.

For instance, a partner may have explained his past to his lover about his former relationships and confess that they are in the past. But he may not stop messages from coming in which can create the wrong impression in his lover that he is seeing his ex-lover behind her back..

Since the treat of phone checking seems to apply to everybody, it must be treated as an urgent matter because it can lead to not just breakups, but violence in relationships and marriage.

Any attempt to try to solve this may create a deeper puzzle on whether there should be a sense of privacy between two lovers when they are supposed to open up to each other, or try to become one as the good book will say. 

It is hard to accept, but lovers must understand the need to respect each other’s privacy and rights even though love is boundless. This will not make their love fake rather, it will perfect it. Since a partner that is actually cheating and has romantic texts from his lover will one day come out to say it.

Trust also entails that the lover can trust that no matter the pressure, the truth will come out because phone checking can also drag the lover into doing things that can harm him or herself and not just the partner.

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Originally posted 2020-05-11 07:30:37.

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