Oily skin

Some ladies often complain about their oily skin and how they find it difficult to control it. However, others see their oily skin as something that is part of them. Some consider it as their natural skin type and try to live with it to the extent that they avoid products and skin care creams that do not work well on the skin.

Before ladies can come to a conclusion on their skin type, they must understand the factors that underlie the origin of hairs in the skin. Naturally, everyone has oil in the skin but the level of oil produced is regulated to carry out certain functions. Oily skin results when the oil is overproduced in the skin.

The sebaceous gland under the skin pores ensures the production of sebum, a natural body oil that keeps the skin hydrated. Keeping the skin hydrated is a sure way of ensuring that the skin is healthy. Since everybody have oil in their skin, why then do some ladies complain about having an oily skin?

Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum which means oil by the skin. The sebaceous gland produces oil in abnormal quantity and because it is waxy, it can cause clogged skin pores and oily skin. Ladies do not just fear an oily skin for nothing. Many of them are aware that having a oily skin can cause acne to show up on the skin.

Acne can further worsen their skin situation by making them look unattractive in addition to their oily skin which often beclouds their first appearance. That is why ladies try as much as possible to address their oily skin problem.

Beautiful Girl.
Black is beautiful.

Majority of ladies that have tried to find a remedy to their oily skin often use makeup and artificial means instead of finding a lasting solution to it. They look very beautiful on makeup but as soon as they begin to sweat, their oily skin exposes itself and spoils their good looks.

By implication, there is everything wrong with having an oily skin not just because of how it looks but because of what it can cause on the skin. Oily skin are not normal and even dry skin types are not normal too.

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Originally posted 2020-06-06 07:30:45.

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