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Getting an unwanted pregnancy is not very common among mature ladies nowadays, because they now have access to certain medications that can stop the process of conception. Any alteration of the process of conception is an abortion.

An abortion can either be induced or it can be just a natural process. When it happens naturally, it is medically called a miscarriage and it often involves the death of the foetus or unborn child. Abortion is ethically called Induced abortion when the mother or pregnant lady deliberately terminates the life of the foetus or unborn baby.

Stated below are five things that most ladies do not know about abortion that can make them to be better informed:

1. Morning After Pill is an Abortion.

Trying to terminate pregnancy even before it starts by taking drugs that kill the sperm cells in your body is a form of induced abortion. Ladies who use this method have as much sex as they want but take pills after some hours or immediately after sex to prevent conception.

2. Induced Abortion is Illegal

So many ladies are not aware that deliberate abortion is a crime, unless done to save the life of the pregnant mother. It Carries a Jail Term of up to 14 Years in the Nigerian constitution. This law is operational in Nigeria but has more strict compliance in the northern part of Nigeria where Islamic and sharia laws are dominant.

3. Abortion is Seen as a Global Pandemic.

Some Pro-life Activists Have Described the High rate of Abortion Globally as a Pandemic. A report by Wikipedia shows that about 450,000 induced abortions are done in Nigeria every year. To make matters worse, it is largely unsafe.

4. In the More Advanced Western Countries, Female Babies are More Aborted Than Male Ones.

Some Africans have used the fact of high rate of abortion of the female gender in the west as a sign that they also have serious gender issues. Female babies are not as valued as the male ones in most part of the world.

Most men are more likely to take the responsibilities of becoming a father when they are aware that the foetos in the womb is a male.

5. Certain Extractions From Aborted Babies Are Used in the Production of Some Cosmetics

Scientists have been doing research with aborted foetus and have discovered that certain parts of their bodies can be extracted either for incubation to provide organs or for the production of cosmetics in the beauty industry.

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