Controlling cholesterol.

The first thing that most people especially in this part of the world need to know about cholesterol is that, it is not a totally bad thing. When ever there is a cause to worry over cholesterol, it is because there is an excess of it in the body.

Therefore, there is need for people to disabuse their minds about cholesterol to help them better take care of their body. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that it produced by the liver and it is made to protect certain nerves and produce cells or tissues in the body.

Cholesterol can carryout these tasks that they are made to do efficiently when they are in the right amount and proportion. Apart from the liver which produces cholesterol for the body, certain food that we consume also produce cholesterol for the body. Foods such as eggs, dairy products and meats add to the cholesterol level of the body.

Since cholesterol are not totally bad except when they are in high proportion in the body, it is important for us to know the right measure of cholesterol that should be in the human body.

On the average, a cholesterol reading of below 200 is considered normal for the body but anything above 240 mg/dl is considered very high for adults since 200 and above are seen as border readings.

Having a cholesterol reading of 240 mg/dl which is considered high is not a death sentence even though it exposes your body to a lot of health risk which can lead to fatal health crisis.

There are ways to reduce the cholesterol level in your body to avoid the risk of heart ailments among other health challenges that can result when the cholesterol attacks any vital organ of the body.

1. Reduce in take of saturated fats in food.

Since your body is already producing cholesterol, there is no need to keep increasing the cholesterol level of your body by consuming saturated fats. Saturated fats go directly into your body and add to the cholesterol level.

Saturated fats which contains high cholesterol are found in red meats and diary products so by reducing your intake of saturated fats, your cholesterol level will drop. Eating of fresh fruits like almond, walnut, consuming olive oil can help you get rid of high cholesterol.

2. Consuming more Omega 3.

Omega 3 is made up of polyunsaturated fats which does not act like saturated fats in the body. This will help check the high cholesterol level in the body.

3. Consume Soluble fiber.

Soluble substances are substances that dissolve in water. Soluble fibers refers to fibers present in plants that dissolve in water but cannot be digested easily by the human body.

It is some living bacteria in the human body that feeds on them. They then help to regulate the production of cholesterol in the body. Soluble fibers can be found in beans and peas.

4. Controlled Diet and Exercise.

Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and carrying out moderate exercise can reduce the production of harmful cholesterol. Apart from reducing the body weight, exercise helps the body to burn cholesterol by decreasing harmful LDL. Exercises must be guided by your physician.

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