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Starting a relationship is not very easy but it is much easier to start a relationship than to quit when you are no longer interested in your partner. It usually takes many months or even years before partners who have since lost feelings and affection are bold enough to quit.

Many people just stick to their partners hoping that somehow they will begin to love them again without observing some warning signs, and that is why the end of relationship for many people is often ugly and unfortunate.

But you do not have to wait until all seems lost before you quit from a relationship that you are no longer interested in. You can actually do that without saying a single word to your partner.

When two people are in a romantic relationship, they take certain signs and attitudes very seriously and can change their entire course of action or decision because of a single pattern of behavior. It is such nonverbal communication that often causes the end of many relationships but people hardly take note of them.

It is very absurd to just abscond when you are no longer interested in going on with your relationship. Trying to tell your partner that you are no longer interested by word of mouth is very important, but that should be the last thing you will do after making it clear that you are not interested by your attitude.

See How to End Your Relationship without Saying a Word:

1. Stop Calling Your Partner.

Your partner will feel embarrassed and may stop calling you too. The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be over emphasized, and when this is lacking it show that there is a big problem.

If communication is not rekindled in a relationship, it will eventually lead to a slow death of such relationship. This is one of the most powerful tool you can use to end a relationship.

2. Don’t Reply Messages That Has to do with Affirming Your Love.

There is no need to tell your partner that you love them too if they send you a message saying “I love you”. This will send a strong and powerful signal to them when you don’t affirm to such words or message from your partner.

3. Stop Sharing Personal Issues with Your Partner.

You cannot be discussing your problems with a partner that you do not love again. As it is a norm for partners to share their thought and feelings with each other, but when the reverse is the case, then there is problem.

4. Don’t be Part of Any Move to Reconcile with Your Partner.

There is no need to get involved in any move to address issues bothering on your relationship since you are no longer interested in being with that person.

5. Don’t Argue if Your Partner Threaten to Quit.

After observing these attitudes, no right thinking partner will want to continue without trying to sort things out or threatening to quit. But since its done to you to quit the relationship, then there is no need to argue as you’ve made up your mind already.

6. Stop Calling Your Partner Names like Baby, Love and Darling etc.

The absence of these name calling is a sign that there is no affection in your relationship. Sweet name calling is a great sign of affection for one another. You should stop the use those names as soon as possible.

7. Move on and Don’t Hesitate to Fall in Love Again.

Your partner will not accuse you of cheating if he finds you with someone else, he will confirm his own thoughts that he has to move on without you. But as soon as you find a new relationship, do not hesitate to give the right answer if your former partner wish to know.

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Originally posted 2020-04-28 07:56:42.

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