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There are so many things that turns men on in a relationship. Knowing some of those things as a girl will help you have your man stick to you unconditionally.

Every man has his own peculiarity, but there are some things that are common to most men. Those girls that are able to discover these things keep their guys from going after other girls. Listed below are things you can do as a lady to make your man glued to you.

Try to know when he is happy or sad

Angry guy

As a girl, you must be sensitive enough to tell when your guy is happy and when he is sad. This sends a good signal to him that you really care about his ware fare.

I know you might be asking how do I tell that he is happy or sad? It is quite simple. Most men do not hide their feelings especially when they are talking with the one, they love. Either on phone or physically.

Some may not want to talk at length as they normally do with you. Some may not call at all, when you are able to discover this, you should in your little capacity see what you can do to ease his stress.

That is not the time to remind him of the money he promised you rather you should encourage him with some words of advice and that can go a long way to make him feel better.

Learn to Say “I Am Sorry”


As a girl, one thing that you can do to calm the furry in your guy is to use the three words “I am sorry”. It is obvious that most ladies don’t know how to apologies. As a girl, you must learn to apologies the right way and the right time.

Instead of you talking back at your guy when he is angry, it is wise to remain calm and silent. This shows that you are submissive and you need peace.

Never you tell your guy that you are sorry when he is highly infuriated, this can increase his anger. The best time to apologies is when he is calm. In that way, he will not be able to resist your sweet and cool voice.

Try to use words like “my heart” “my king” “honey” etc. These words turn men on when used the right way. *Note: Apologizing doesn’t mean you are wrong, it only means you love him and you want peace.

Learn to Be Submissive.

If you want your guy to love you unconditionally, then you should learn to be submissive. “No man wants to marry another man as his wife”. Being submissive does not mean you have to devalue yourself.

You just have to allow him be in charge because this are what men are known for. They always want to feel in charge and denying them that power means trouble.

Learn to Say “I Love You”

i love you

If there is one word that you can use to plant yourself into a guy, that will be “I love you”. This are words that men are craving to hear from their lover, but most girls fail to use this words, thereby neglecting its power.

When you tell a guy that you love him early in the morning either on phone or face to face, you have succeeded in planting yourself into his taught throughout the day.

That word will always reiterate in his heart throughout the day. For that, he can’t stop loving you. One of the best ways to use such words is through text messages. Men generally love to read such kind of message.

They will have to read it again and again and again, with some kind of romantic smiles on their face. Some may even laugh out laud unknowingly.

That is the power of such words. So, as a girl, learn to use them. Note: Never you tell your guy that you love him every time, else he may take you for granted.

Learn to Smile and Laugh


Learn to present a friendly face whenever you are together. Be as outgoing, friendly and social as possible as you can. When you smile at someone, they reciprocate the smile. It is very essential to smile and laugh.

Listen, Don’t Just Talk


Many girls make the mistake of talking more than they listen when they are with their guy. But this is a big mistake that can easily cost you getting your guy off your life.

Everyone like to be heard. If you keep talking and talking all the time without giving him chance to express himself, he is likely to be disappointed.

Try to Be Yourself.

By trying not to be yourself, you are clearly indicating or suggesting that you are not comfortable with yourself. Many guys will easily notice this short coming in you.

The best relationship is a long relationship. When a man falls madly in love with you, you want that love to last, so be yourself right from the start

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