Facebook relationship status.

When most people have ended their relationship, the first thing that occurs to them is how to correct the impression of members of the public including friends that were aware of their former relationship.

One place where lovers usually start such clean-ups from is social media, especially Facebook. In recent years, social media has been the place where lovers not only meet but also fall-in-love. They share photos of their lovers and sometimes make them their profile photo.

Even for popular celebrities, one way that the public gets to know about their breakups is when they unfollow each other on social media. If you just had a breakup or you are planning to have one soon, then this article is just for you.

Changing of relationship status on Facebook is not only for those who just had a breakup. Those who newly fell in love got engaged, whose relationship has become complicated or who got married also change their relationship status.

However, it is a matter of urgency for those who just had a breakup and are willing to find a replacement. You can simply follow these simple tasks to change it.

Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook by Following these Simple Steps:

1. Login to Facebook.

You can do that by entering your username and password

2. Go to your profile and click on your name.

Your name is often at the top left side of your Facebook account and it can be easily identified.

3. Select the “About” option.

It is the about option that tells your friends and the public about your address, work, religious beliefs, date of birth and relationship status.

4. Go to Relationship status.                       

From the options you can select the relationship status that suits you. You can find the relationship status in the options provided under about us.

5. Choose your current relationship status or edit what was formally selected.

You can change the relationship status as many times as you wish.

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Originally posted 2020-04-24 14:50:34.

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