Cross dresser Bobrisky.

About a century ago, asking the question of what makes a lady beautiful was considered very weird, because ladies were considered to be beautiful just because they are ladies.

The visible features that differentiate them from their male counterparts are often seen as the standard of beauty. That is the same for all ladies, but sex-change technology is challenging this view of beauty.

That very question have become very relevant today because of the progress made by sex change technology. Sex-change technology transforms men that desire to become ladies into ladies by working on their bodies to have more feminine features.

In the western world where issues of gender are very liberal, people are allowed in some countries to choose which gender they desire to be. While some prefer to be male many prefer to be females.

Sex-change technology as a moral problem must not be confused with people that are born with heterosexual conditions, who then have to choose their preferred gender.

Sex-change technology makes people wake up one morning and decide to become ladies and they have the backing of technology to do that. The problem was tagged as a western thing until it began to gain ground in Nigeria.

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Fashion personality Bobrisky.
Popular fashion personality Bobrisky.

Popular fashion personality Bobrisky who has succeeded in transforming all his physical features to that of a lady. He did his surgery in Dubai with the support of another celebrity who does plastic surgery.

Interestingly, this technology has helped Bobrisky to transform into a lady at least in appearance to the extent that people that do not know him may think that he is a lady.

His case has brought the issue of sex-change technology to the front burner of social problems in Nigeria. Most people are increasingly questioning beauty and what should make a lady beautiful because of this.

If sex-change can transform a man into a lady and make a lady that is not beautiful to become beautiful, that beauty must be artificial and not natural.

To become beautiful, ladies should become more artificial and less natural. This artificial beauty that is the new definition of beauty involves makeups, plastic surgeries and sex-change technologies.

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Originally posted 2020-07-24 08:00:00.

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