The idea of having a “bestie” of the opposite sex still sounds ridiculous to so many people, but it is a reality that no one can escape from because it happens. People get attracted to the qualities of a person of the opposite sex or of similar sexes and they stick together not like friends but as “besties”.

Besties share platonic love for each other and they are often a step away from normal relationships. In a conventional setting, the concept of having a Bestie has no place because it is very controversial. In fact, many people see it as an excuse made by lovers who have secret relationships or who are cheating on their partners especially when the person that they call their Bestie is of the opposite sex.

A Bestie is a male or female friend of someone that is closer than just a friend and share each others emotional needs, keep them company and love them sincerely. The relationship is platonic and not sexual.

People who have Bestie can still be in a relationship and maintain the relationship that they share with their Bestie. Whenever there is a problem, it is the Bestie that advice them and helps them out just like a guardian angel would. In fact, they can even consult their besties before accepting a dating proposal.

But for many people, the idea of having a Bestie sounds too good to be true and as such, they dismiss it as very nonsensical and misleading for many reasons.

One of such reasons is the believe that most people who claim to be Besties are actually dating. Some of them even engage in sexual activity but they do not formerly go into relationships as often as normal people do. In the long run, Besties tend to confess love to each other and date.

Another reason why the idea of Bestie is widely rejected is that Besties of the opposite sex are a threat to genuine relationships. Their partners will be under pressure to meet up with the high expectation that are often set by the Besties to ensure that their close friends are comfortable.

Also, Bestie relationships easily collapse and do not last very long. Although, it comes with high promise and expectation, as one partner can easily depend on his lover to do all the things that the Bestie could have done. This will make the bestie to not just lose relevance but also end their friendship.

The question now is “Can you allow your male lover to keep a female bestie”

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Originally posted 2020-05-08 09:17:15.

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