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How Can I Reject His Dating Proposal and Still Stay As Friends?

Ladies are confronted with the task of making choices everyday especially when a prospective date shows up and asks them out. Saying yes to a guy means a lot of things, and it has some implications on a lady’s life especially when she is thinking about exiting her current relationship.

Ladies find it easy to say yes to a guy than to say no, especially if he has a very good appeal and sense of respect for ladies. Not every guy can cope with trying to win a lady even after she has rejected their advances.

So, saying a no may ruin any future chance of a relationship with the guy, that is why ladies tend to be very cautious in taking such decisions. But there are ways that a lady can reject advances and proposals for dating and relationship from guys and also leave the door open in case the situation changes tomorrow.

They may also not intend to create any opening but to ensure that the guys are not hurt by their refusal, even though they may not like the guy and do not wish to have any relationship with them in the future.

Stated below are some of the ways you can turn down the advances of a guy without hurting them badly

1. Say You Will Think About it.

When ladies say that they will think about dating a guy, they have created a safe route for themselves to properly think about the guys proposal and decide whether they really want to date him or not.

It can be applied when they do not like the guy that is asking them out but do not want to hurt his feelings. Guys often consider any lady that says that she will think about it to be thoughtful. She can then get back to him that she is not ready.

2. Change the Topic.

Some guys who really like ladies, can detect whether they do not want to accept their proposals, and the ladies can send such signals by changing the topic of discussion sharply. But she will still maintain a friendly tone with the guy.

Guys that get the message will not bother trying again except they have a deep sense of love for her. However, that will not stop them from rejecting the proposal if eventually the guy goes ahead to make it the second time. If he does not bother to say it again then the lady has succeeded in telling him no without hurting his feelings.

3. Say That You Are Already Dating.

Most guys want to look responsible and mature, that they will let a lady be if she says that she is already in a relationship. Some ladies deliberately change their relationship status on social media to put some guys away even when they are not in a relationship.

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Originally posted 2020-05-08 12:00:00.

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