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Different things attract men, based on their preferences. Some may be attracted to the whole body or part of it while Others might be attracted to character, or even both.

Men can be weird sometimes, and you don’t know what may catch their eyes. You want to attract a man that will be serious in a relationship, and Marriage I presume, is your desired destination.

Although we may not know what exactly attracts a specific man, but I will let you in on tips that may attract the serious man you need.

1. Be serious with yourself.

This is the first thing you should do. Disconnect yourself from relationships that will lead no where. Having too many boyfriends can be a huge wall. Being friends with too many men may hinder you from seeing the serious ones, and a man who wants to be serious with you might be discouraged.

He might think you flirt a lot, which isn’t true. Men can be jealous and hate rivals. To you, you are friends with a hundred boys. To him, you flirt with a thousand boys of which he’d seen a hundred.

2. Good character.

Character can be diverse, a rude attitude might make a man go crazy. But to be on the safe side, i will suggest a good character. With a good character your chances of getting a serious man will be high. Besides most men love women with good character, and i have never seen a man that likes toxic women.

3. Dress modestly.

Your appearance is another angle to this. Mind you, i said that a lot of different things attract men. But most men wanting a serious relationship are attracted by modesty. Dressing nice, smelling nice, face and hair done is ideal. Don’t dress too old and ragged, Don’t be all out nude but rather, be presentable.

Dressing almost nude attracts perverts. As much as your inward character is important, how you look outside is important too. Many women neglect either. But before a man sees the inside, they must first encounter the outside.

4. Keep good company.

The company of friends you keep should be looked into. “The gathering of rats is made up of rats.” The kind of friends we keep around us tells a lot. As the popular saying goes “show me your friend and i will tell you who you are” It may be true it may not, but that is what the world see.

A serious man observes, and if he likes what he sees, he goes for it. If not he moves. Move with responsible people often for better connection. Who knows, he might just be watching.

5. Be innovative.

Be innovative and smart. These days men are attracted to smart women who can function at home and outside the home. You should speak intelligently. Things you are not sure of should be laid to rest. Be willing to learn. Be a boss lady and a home builder. Be a listener and a motivation.

6. Be humble.

Humility sometimes may feel like oppression to women, but that’s not true. Humble yourself, do not be proud. Pride chases a man away. Self esteem is good, but having a toxic ego can discourage people from getting to know you, and can make them misunderstand who you truly are.

7. Be yourself.

This is very important. You may have the right man by your side, but you are being someone else. Men love originality. They love the truth. Women tend to fake everything about themselves, hence, tagged lairs. As said earlier, you do not know what may attract a serious man. Be the best version of yourself and the best man will come for you.


As long as you are ready to be a better version of yourself, you will find out that these tips are the easiest way to live. Being serious with yourself, keeping good company, being humble, being smart and lots more attracts a decent man. But above all, have a good character.

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Originally posted 2020-04-21 14:56:14.

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