Black lady with dimples.

What Are Dimples?

Ladies can do anything to look more beautiful and attractive than they really are, especially when what they need to do is something that is artificial. But people tend to notice natural qualities of beauty more than artificial ones that is why ladies that have dimples stand out.

Ladies that have dimples on their cheeks are seen as beautiful, approachable and attractive compared to those that do not have dimples. Dimples are indentation on any parts of the body especially the cheek and the back. It has a lot of meaning when it shows on the cheek.

Dimples are not normal occurrences and they occur during the formation of the muscles of the affected area. They can be noticed when a girl is still tender and it may or may not remain as she grows older.

Lady with dimples smilling.
Black lady with dimples smiling.

Arguably, ladies that have dimples are more beautiful and prettier than those that do not have it. It is natures way of natural selection of beauty which has so far succeeded. That is not to say that ladies that do not have dimples are not beautiful or attractive.

It also follows that a lady that have dimples can look more beautiful than another lady that have dimples because it comes in different sizes and measures.

The question of whether dimples can be induced through medicine or scientific means is very controversial. Plastic and beauty surgeries have answered so many questions on beauty but it has not provided any reasonable explanation why dimples cannot be induced on a ladies cheek by surgery.

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Originally posted 2020-05-21 13:25:25.

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