Older woman and lover

Having a relationship with a much older lady is not very common among guys in Nigeria, because of the notion that most older ladies are like sugar mummies that do not often take relationship serious.

Most people think that they just want certain gratification and may move on at anytime without considering their younger male partners. This is likely the reason why most guys do not subscribe to having a relationship with older ladies.

But in the western world, it is common to find a woman of 60 years old dating a guy of 24 or 30 years and even getting married to them. They are able to maintain a healthy relationship for a long time unlike in this part of the world where sexual gratification or material reward are the main reasons for having relationship with older ladies.

It is important to outline the advantages as well as the disadvantages of dating older ladies in Nigeria.


1. They are experienced and mature in relationships.

Unlike younger ladies that are heady and pompous, older ladies having had relationships in the past knows how to make it work if they want a healthy relationship. They can apologize when they are wrong and truly treat their lovers well, making them feel special.

2. They are patient and never in a hurry.

While the public are being misled to think that older ladies often pressure their young lovers for marriage, evidences in the west where relationships with older ladies are common shows that older lades prefer longer relationships and dating. This is because they want to know their partners more before getting married to them.

3. They are more loving.

Older ladies have been known to travel long distances even countries to meet their young male lovers even though they are poor. They show deep love and affection. Since they are older, they try to display affection as much as possible.

4. They are financially buoyant and Offer Material help to their lovers.

Most older ladies that seek relationships are well to do. They often contribute to their lovers materially and financially too. That is why they can spend huge amount of money on their lover just to make them happy.


1. They may be extremely possessive.

Since they are older and may not look as attractive as the younger ladies, they are bound to be possessive. They want to be around their lovers all the time and be involved in major decisions of his life.

2. They are often Jealous lovers.

Older ladies have little tolerance for perceived rivals. If they suspect that their partner is cheating or getting close to another lady, they will go all out to get rid of her. They can go any length to make sure no one comes in between them and their lover.

3. The end of such relationships is often chaotic.

It is not very easy to breakup with a much older lady especially when she is still interested in you. She may take drastic measures including retrieving all earlier favors granted to you. Especially when she know you can’t pay back, this is just to frustrate your plans of break-up.

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Originally posted 2020-05-01 09:29:34.

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