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When it comes to personality types, certain categories are reserved for ladies because of their nature and the peculiar social situation that they face.

All ladies belong to a certain category of personality types and they seem to explain a lot about how ladies behave and live their lives.

Experts generally propose different personality types but in relation to gender the ISFJ and ESFJ are notable because most ladies belong to either of them as theorized by Carl Jung and Briggs Myer. Even though they seem complex they are simple to understand.

ISFJ stands for Introvert Sensing Feeling and Judging. Ladies that have this personality type are know to be humble, hard working and they have an enthusiastic behavior that attracts people to them.

Ladies that have the ISFJ personality do not depend on men for survival and even when they are married they cannot be ordinary housewives but working class ladies.

You can trust them to also make good mothers to their kids. It is a beautiful personality type that most guys desire in their relationships.

For the ESFJ personality type, it consist of Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. Since ladies under this personality type are very conscious of how people behave towards them.

They are not easy to have as lovers unless they have found a person that has the qualities that they desire. They have a high standard because they are intelligent, observant and very social in their lives.

Ladies that have this personality do not like to date guys with a similar personality type because they are domineering and controlling, wanting to have things their way so they prefer someone who will not be like them.

They may also make the best of friends with the opposite sex but may not be in love with them because it is their nature to be social. Their high sense of value and self respect attracts people with good character and they are often lucky in relationships.

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Originally posted 2020-06-12 18:06:06.

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