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Who Is a Slay Queen?

In this part of the world where marriage is given some undue importance as if a ladie’s life and destiny depends on it, Slay-mamas in other words called slay queen are a big threat to having a successful relationship. Unlike conventional lovers, they are not after some love or affection.

Then, one may wonder what they want since relationships are often founded on mutual love and companionship. The sad reality is that they are not after relationships too, it is important to note that most slay-mamas are not after your love or relationship.

From time to time, videos of ladies abusing so called slay mamas publicly asking them to leave their husbands or fiance alone go viral. This has made a lot of people to demonize slay-mamas as if they are just after the destruction of relationships.

Slay-mamas offer something that cannot be found both in marriage, relationships or on the laps of a prostitute that is why it is wrong to abuse them without first, trying to find out who slay mamas are and what they really want from your man.

From the common sense angle, slay-mamas are young ladies who attract men for fun, pleasure or material gain. They are in the middle ground between prostitution and responsible relationships.

They thrive because of the limitations of these two; ladies in relationships and prostitutes. Men do not expect to get any form of friendship or companionship when they go to prostitutes that is why most men that have a real sense of enjoyment do not go after prostitutes. They want sex but that is not all that they want so patronizing prostitutes has its limits too.

Relationships also have their limits too as most ladies appear complex and too demanding. They demand that their man understand them and treat them like a queen. Many ladies do not hesitate to treat their guys badly with the notion that he will still come back begging.

But a slay mama does not seek any attachment to a guy, she does not demand understanding rather, she understands the man the way that his lover does not since many slay-mamas are aware that the man they are flirting with has a relationship. They provide meaningful company to the man and contrary to popular opinions, Slay-mamas do not run after men, it is men that run after them.

They dress very attractively or even provocatively and leave the rest to the moral strength of men who can’t resist the temptation of hanging out with them, that is why they can ruin a relationship and hurt both lovers because even if the lady leaves the man, they will not continue a relationship with him.

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Originally posted 2020-05-18 17:30:45.

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