Partners in an angry mood

Being a single lady comes with a lot of responsibility and enormous possibilities. At this stage ladies are in the business of making their choices on whose love proposals they should accept. It is a very magical moment which has prompted many ladies to think that getting married may spoil the fun.

But if a lady is interested in finding a man that she loves and having a lasting relationship with him, she will be in the same position with a married woman who has already made the choice and now lives with her lover for life.

However, if she made a mistake by giving her heart to the wrong person, she will live with the torment of having to endure someone that she never loved. That is why some ladies argue that they are quiet happier when they were single.

A lady who thinks that she has met the love of her life may get married and discover that he was not the right man after all. That is why it is only the quality of relationship and dating that they had that can define whether she will be happier as a single lady or as a married woman.

A single lady who has often been unlucky with guys, and have to breakup from time to time cannot be said to be happier than a lady who is happily married. Even if her husband is not the perfect man that she dreams about.

The fun and excitement of having to meet someone that you love and also freely try again when you make a mistake in love seems to be the biggest excitement that single ladies have which is not available to ladies that are married.

When single ladies talk about relationships and its challenges, they talk about things that lessons can be learned from, and another chance is always there but it is not the case with married ladies who only talk about how to endure.

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Originally posted 2020-05-06 08:03:50.

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