Interestingly, it is easy to know if a lady is in any of the categories of ladies that will never find a husband because they are often proud about their life style. Below are the 8 kinds of ladies that will never get married because of the kind of ladies that they are and their attitudes:

1. Side chicks

A side chick is a lady that befriends a married man and satisfies him sexually for material gains. Side chicks will remain side chicks until they are dumped because the man hopes to keep his family but only uses her to satisfy his pleasure.

2. Baby Mamas

Most times people ascribe the name baby mama to girlfriends of celebrities and rich people who become pregnant and give birth but are not married by the celebrities.

3. Lesbians

Lesbians are ladies that find other ladies attractive instead of guys in other words called “Homosexuals” and they cannot be happily married to any man.

Women in homosexual relationships responded to this designation either by hiding their personal lives or accepting the label of outcast and creating a subculture and identity that developed in Europe and the United States.

4. Career Ladies

Some ladies are more committed to their work and career that they do not have time for any man.  With the increasing number of women who prioritize their careers in various sectors of employment, directly or indirectly there have always been some negative effect it comes with, especially relating with suitors. They are too busy to listen to any man.

5. Convicted Ladies

Men will consider a lady that has served a jail term as risky and too dangerous to marry because it will threaten their authority as head of the house.

6. Divorced Ladies

Although this is arguable, it is a fact that most divorcees that are ladies find it hard to get married again because of the notion that they either have bad character or have been used by another man.

7. Surrogate Ladies

As a result of poverty, some ladies get contracts as surrogate mothers where they receive the fertilized egg from a couple that cannot have children into their wombs and give birth to the child for them.

8. Prostitutes

Ladies that engage in prostitution can never get married because they are widely known in the society that they live in and have countless customers who will never recommend them to any suitor. Some of these prostitute ripe into old age.

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Originally posted 2020-04-16 21:20:45.

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