itchy breast.

The female breast appears to be one of the sexual part of ladies that rarely suffers from infections. But when it does, it is often thought to be fatal.

When discussing diseases that can affect the breast, cancer of the breast quickly comes to mind, but this is not the only factor that causes disease and discomfort in ladies, that is why itchy breast is becoming a big issue.

Apart from improving the attractiveness of ladies, the breast plays important roles during sexual activity and in post natal care of new born. Its situation at the center of the chest means that a discomfort or any itching in the breast will affect the entire body.

Interestingly, ladies that complain of itchy breast often identify the nipples as the place that itches most. This is due to its sensitivity, but itching can also be felt all around the breast for many reasons. So, if your breast is itching especially when it is severe, it must have been caused by any one of the following:

1. Menopause.

For ladies who are experiencing menopause, they can feel irritations and itching in the breast because of the hormonal changes and reduction is their sex hormones such as estrogen. Such itching or irritation can also occur in the vagina too.

2. Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis).

Eczema’s can begin as rash with flat surfaces on the breast. They cause persistent itching, irritation and even pain for ladies, and they are the number one cause of itching breast because they are very common among’s ladies.

3. Yeast/Fugal Infection.

The high temperature under the breast can lead to yeast or fungal infection that can cause itching and rash on the breast.

4. Contact Dermatis.

The dyes and certain chemicals used in soap and some undergarments can cause serious itching in the breast because the substances used in their production can react against the skin, and even destroy normal cells. Ladies should discontinue the use of any soap or body cream that produces that effect.

5. Tight Bra.

There are a lot of push-up and designer bras that offer to give ladies the hot look that they desire, but it sometimes come with a cost such as itchy breasts. When ladies use very tight bras or undergarments, there is going to be friction between the nipples and the garment leading to skin irritation and rash.

6. Pregnancy.

An itchy breast can also be caused by the hormonal changes that occurs when a lady gets pregnant. Her body changes especially when her tummy begins to bulge and the skin around the breast expand. At the beginning of the menstrual period, hormonal changes can also make your breast and body to itch.

7. Paget disease cancer.

A itchy breast can also indicate the development of Paget disease, a rare form of breast cancer which can be observed like eczemas on the nipples and the breast before turning into sores that produces discharge.

Are you currently experiencing breast itching? If yes, do see a physician to get treated on time. If you have any question that is bothering you, please don’t keep it to yourself. You can share it with us as an anonymous person, and i promise you will get an answer to that issue. Do well to share this on your social media platform using the share button below.

Originally posted 2020-05-26 07:00:00.


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