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Ladies are very industrious and can easily thrive in business like their male counterparts. Difficult economic times like the one caused by Covid19 have become opportunities for ladies to bring out their potentials.

But social stereotype has made it look like it is only men that can hustle and earn a reasonable income.

There are certain businesses that ladies are known for even though a few men find themselves in these professions. In times of economic difficulty such as these, the power of being a woman often shows.

These businesses are not new and even though a few males are found there, it is heavily dominated by ladies. Stated below are some of them.

1. Hair Stylists.

Ladies often feel uncomfortable when a guy claims to be a hairstylist because they think that ladies understand what they want better. It is a ladies dominated profession that offers a wide range of hair-styling.

2. Makeup Artists.

Mainly, it takes a lady to make other ladies look pretty through makeup. Ladies are known for being exceptional makeup artists even for men but only a few guys can boast of being exceptional makeup experts.

3. Nursing and Midwifery.

The nursing and midwife profession is also dominated by ladies. Nurses capitalize on the fact that ladies are caring and supportive. They also have a general disposition for empathy and can better help patients pull through their ailments.

4. Chef and Cooks.

There may be some amazing male cooks’ and chefs but ladies generally have a reputation for being good cooks and chefs. When guys meet ladies for the first time with the intention of dating, they first want to know if she can cook but that is not often said about guys.

5. Event Decorations.

Right from their wedding ceremonies, ladies are known to have a flair for choosing colors. They are also the best designers for event decoration

6. Nanny & Babysitter.

Some guys can decide to become babysitters but it is primarily a ladies’ profession because ladies are considered to be more caring. They can handle children more tenderly than guys. 

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Originally posted 2020-07-02 15:59:39.

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